Forget about that

the weather has been slightly maddening- so in reaction another photo I took when flowers bloomed, this is a purple coneflower growing on campus- pollenated by honey bees a beautiful and hopeful sight, since colonies are collapsing and honey bees are threatened (want to see the image larger? click on the photo).



I have been going through droves of pictures I had taken to add to a little system I am trying to create and maintain of “stock photos” that I have personally  taken, and can easily access for reference and use for projects, so I don’t have to turn to online images or textures.

I just have  free use of my own images ,no worrying about usage rights or infringing on anyone else’s creativity or work.. I urge anyone (artists,designers,journalists, anyone) to do this, even if it’s simple pictures of a sandwich you made  or a cool wood texture you come across.. I have found it extremely useful even in it’s infancy. This little project was brought about by a co-worker/friend who I worked with over the summer, who urged me to just take pictures of textures to use for projects, instead of trying to find open-source images online.




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