Stepping onto a Limb

Right off the bat, I had to shrink the image alot to get it all to fit on the post, so click on the picture and you will be able to see a much more pleasing sized version. Here is a possible T-shirt design, that I am going to get printed and hopefully sell. I was having a conversation with a good friend about what  I wanted to do with myself, and having some sort of shop/buisness is the ultimate goal for I’m  pretty sure everyone.. and he told me  something similar to this;  “The only thing that holds people back is  that they think they can’t do it for any reason, and If  I really wanted something  I should just pull the trigger”.   So here’s  my squeezing the trigger.

Hang on to your pants, and get ready for  highly unique shirts . below is the placement on the shirt (grey)

Oh before I forget, the name of the design is called ” Marduke”, based off of a god from the Assyrian creation story, if I remember from class correctly, it is one of the first recorded documents ever found.  The story is on the internet ( “Enuma Elish” for those who are interested to read, but I warn you it is  gory so it’s not one to read to you’re youngsters. The shirt is meant to be much more light-hearted than the story, and it is a very loose connection ( I also think Marduke is a really cool name).


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