A little diversion

I spoke earlier about a Habitat for Humanity fashion show, ( which was April 16th). the challenge was to create a design out of building supplies and the habitat t-shirts they gave to you, my dress was made out of hand-fused recycled plastic grocery bags, A tarp from my  familiy’s old playset, washers/assortment of small hardware, and rope which is the headpiece.

          It was a blast,I ended up doing my own hair and make-up which was fun to actually walk around looking like I tripped into a makeup counter at the mall. There were a lot of really cool designs, the first and second place designs were phenomenal, consequently I got third place, the prizes were very generous and I was so happy to be a part of this. 2,000 dollars was  raised for Habitat for Humanity to help build a house for a family in Kent.

This picture is  up on the events’  facebook page.

My mom took this picture

to see more photos of the show, and other designs click on the underlined text to visit,
Building Fashion Facebook page


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